Ministers have a special responsibility to ensure that our gatherings are ordered in accordance with the teaching of God's word. A contemporary style of service gives us freedom to be creative, but we must exercise that freedom with thoughtfulness and theological reflection. Otherwise, our services may become nothing more than an unthinking reflection of the prevailing culture and whims of the world around us. This page contains resources to assist you in preparing services that glorify God and edify the church.

Many ministers now share the task of preparing and leading services with a team of people. These teams need teaching, feedback and encouragement. Consider using this website to train and equip such people.

Training your Service Leaders

Nobody cares about better gatherings more than you do, and you have been equipped by your training for this ministry. So if you are going to delegate this to others, you will need to think carefully about how you will train, encourage and equip them for this task.  We have put together some suggestions to help you do this... see Train Service Leaders

Using Service Builder

ServiceBuilder is a tool that helps create God-honouring, meaningful and biblical gatherings. It allows you to arrange 'resources' (like confessions, creeds and prayers) into services that glorify God and edify the church. You can use predefined 'templates', or you can adapt the standard templates to create your own.

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Communion-lite and Baptism-lite

Self-contained segments for the Lord's Supper and Baptism which are designed to be incorporated within the framework of a non-liturgical service.

Resources for Occasional Services

Baptisms Weddings Funerals Confirmations
baptism wedding Cemetry Roses Confirmation

Seasonal Services