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This site is designed to equip service leaders to craft meetings that by their shape, their contents and their tone proclaim the gospel of Christ, build his body in the unity of the spirit and bring honour and glory to God. On this website we would like to help you reflect biblically and historically on just how good church can be, and give you the resources you need to put this vision into practice.

You may be keen to go straight to the practical guidelines or resources sections, but take time to work through the biblical and historical sections, so that you are clear about God's will for our gatherings and understand how Christians have sought to put biblical teaching into practice across the centuries.


A new liturgical resource has been completed which provides flexible forms of household worship to serve the churches, by complementing the spiritual resources already being offered during this difficult period: Common Prayer in Homes: Resources for Family Worship.  We trust it will be of some assistance to the ministry already taking place in homes, and ultimately we hope that it provides some good benefit to the spiritual lives of Christ's flock.

Click Here to Download Common Prayer in Homes: Resources for Family Worship

Common Prayer in Homes


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