Resources are listed in the sequence in which they might be chosen to fit the pattern of the First Order outlined above. When the Second Order or some other structure is being followed, the same resources can be inserted at different places. Some of these resources can also be inserted in the various orders for the Lord's Supper. Click on the headings to see the resources available and some suggestions for their use.

  1. Greetings other introductions
  2. Seasonal sentences
  3. Opening prayers and praises
  4. Invitations to confess sin
  5. General confessions
  6. Assurances of forgiveness
  7. Prayers in preparation for the ministry of God's Word
  8. Scriptural expressions of praise
  9. Creeds and other affirmations of faith
  10. Intercessory prayers
  11. Thanksgivings
  12. Concluding prayers and blessings


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