manwithmicrophone The Role of the Service Leader
Leading services is a ministry, and therefore it has various things in common with other ministries. We should strive to do it as well as we can, in order to glorify God and bless others by our service...

Advice for those preparing services

When you create a new service, we suggest that you evaluate it by asking yourself the following questions ... Service Checklist

Using Service Builder

Some Resources you can use in your Services

1 Greetings and other introductions edit
2 Seasonal Sentences edit
3 Opening prayers and praises edit
4 Invitations to confess sins edit
5 General confessions edit
6 Assurances of forgiveness edit
7 Prayers in preparation for the ministry of God’s Word edit
8 Scriptural expressions of praise edit
9 Creeds and other affirmations of faith edit
10 Intercessory prayers edit
11 Thanksgivings edit
12 Concluding prayers and blessings edit

Understanding What We Do When We Gather as God's People

The links below will help you to think through what the Bible teaches about our gathering together as God's people. Such reflection is an essential step in the process of evaluating what we do in our congregations, so that we might glorify God and edify his church more effectively.

1 The defining story: the gathering of God
2 Created and nurtured by the gospel
3 Gathering as a testimony to Christ
4 Gathered for worship
5 Gathered for fellowship in Christ
6 Building towards maturity in Christ